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Keep Pace Electronics Corp. was founded in 1988. (Former company name:Lico Electronics Corp.) Keep Pace has more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing electronic pedometers, fitness meters and electronic appliances. Our factories are located in Taiwan and China, with production capability of 200Kpcs per month, to fulfill customers’demand. Taiwan factory mainly produces for products selling to Europe. China (Dongguan) factory is for products to America and Europe and also LED products. China (Xiamen) cooperated factory is for production of patented pendulum.


Chief Grand International Limited

In the past, we sell and promote products through trade companies. Chief Grand International Limited was established to take all sales back , aggressively and actively to face the foreign customers directly. In year 2001, we began and planned the establishment of China factory. In year 2003, we finished the production of first China order and shipped to USA.

Pro Walker International Limited

Pro Walker International Limited was founded on Aug. 28th, 2008 and concentrated on developing LED series products and also the promotion.


We invented a pendulum module which could be beneficial for enhancing the production capability and improving the product accuracy. From time to time, the 3 million times vibration sampling test would be done to ensure the accuracy tolerance within +/- 5% at least.

Our mechanical pendulum module, SDCT series, was awarded the top quality and best accuracy in the competition of European pedometer in the year of 2006 and 2007. Our 3D pedometer, applying G-sensor and being able to connect with the website, launched in year 2008 and was awarded the design prize later on.


Innovation of pedometers:

  1. Invention of pendulum module: Enhancing the production capability and improving the product accuracy.
  2. 2D & 3D technology: The users are no longer requested to put the pedometer on the waist and could put it on the neck, in the pocket or even in the handbag.
  3. Website connection: Transferring the exercise result to the computer via USB and upload the data to the website to share or have competition with others.
  4. Multi-function: Pedometer is not only for step counting! It could also be a music player, radio player, alarm, etc..

KeepPace has received substantial business and inquiries from customers globally. The inquiries of OEM or ODM business are most welcome. Pursuing after customer's total satisfaction is our persistent business concept with best efforts in product quality assurance, innovation on product designs and excellent service provided. We are experienced and have professional team for research and development; hence, we have the confidence and the competence to cooperate with your esteemed company and work on the project of solar wireless pedometer!